A 16-Year-Old Flutist Rehearses for His Merkin Hall Debut


March 20, 2023

16-year-old flutist Will Garrity is looking forward to making his Merkin Hall debut at this year’s Henry Schneider Young Artists Concert on March 21 with a performance of movements from André Jolivet’s Flute Concerto No. A student of Mary Barto, he’s studied at Lucy Moses School since kindergarten. “It’s a place where you can really feel the community,” he says.

What’s cool about the Jolivet piece? “It’s a very primal sort of piece, and it shifts between these two very distinct moods. I enjoy it because it’s fun getting to go into so many different places. At the time the piece was written in 1950, it was revolutionary. The second part of the movement that I’m playing was actually inspired by jazz, which was new for the time.”

What’s most challenging? “It is a technically and breath-demanding piece. So really being able to get into the moment and use my body and not worry about the little things, just trusting in myself that I know the piece well enough to be able to deliver.”

What’s it like to be performing in Merkin Hall for the first time? “It’s so crazy for me because so many legendary people have performed on that stage. You’re sharing that physical space, and there’s something really inspiring about that.”

What do you hope the audience will feel? “I hope they hear the emotion. I hope they hear a beautiful tone, and that I’m able to take them on a journey.”

Come see Will and his fellow Lucy Moses School students Marion Rambler, Nicole Razhanskiy, Lucas Voloshin, Margot Pantoga, Enya Yang, Rowan Fortmiller and Anna Kesselman perform at the 2023 Henry Schneider Young Artists Concert on March 21 at 2 pm! Get tickets

Watch Will rehearse:

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