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Whether you're a seasoned performer, an educator, or a music student of any age, Dalcroze can help you feel and understand music in a whole new way. Known as "music training through movement," Dalcroze uses the body to develop a strong musical foundation and natural feel for music.

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Who can benefit from Dalcroze?

  • Teachers learn an educational approach that delights young children. LMS has a long history of Dalcroze teacher training!
  • Adult musicians and music students get a "musical tune-up" that re-invigorates their love for and understanding of music.
  • Performers (musicians, dancers & actors) find new pathways to improvisation and composition.
  • Young music students age 2 1/2 and up explore musical concepts through rhythm games, creative movement & improvisation. Dalcroze is an excellent complement to instrumental lessons!
  • Seniors can improve their balance and reduce their risk of falling while renewing their delight in music.

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