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Known for its near-perfect acoustics, Merkin Hall offers filming and livestreaming as well as a state-of-the-art recording studio, which is ideal for concert recordings, commercial sessions, film scoring and live broadcasts. Our stage can accommodate everything from soloists and small ensembles to a full orchestra and beyond. And our team of talented engineers can create professional recordings at the highest level of quality using industry standard tools such as Pro Tools HD.

Notable features of the Bethany Millard Recording Studio include:

  •  Access to all 48 microphone lines from stage, plus a pre-hung Schoeps Decca Tree mic array and Neumann hall mics
  • 48-channels of Millennia Media mic preamps
  • 48-channel Pro Tools HD3 recording platform, with Avid MTRX Studio converters
  • Tascam X48 redundant 48-track hard disc recorder
  • Avid Sync-HD video and timecode synchronizer
  • Yamaha CL5 72-channel digital mixing console
  • Bricasti M7 reverb unit
  • Two Korg MR-2000S DSD-capable stereo master recorders
  • API and Drawmer outboard compression
  • CDQ-Prima 220 ISDN unit (256 kbps capable)
  • Fully-implement live broadcast workflow, with separate mix plus and mix minus consoles
  • Full Aviom and Redco headphone cue system for use on stage during recording or film scoring sessions
  • Distribution of Pro Tools QuickTime video to stage for film scoring
  • Stocked microphone locker with mics by DPA, Neumann, Schoeps, AEA, Sennheiser, AKG and Josephson

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